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Air Pillow

Air Pillow

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Tired of neck pain and sleeping with uncomfortable pillow? Our Air Pillow is incredibly comfortable and cradles your neck perfectly!

  • Guaranteed comfiest pillow!
  • Air Cushion Balls™ support technology
  • Supreme hotel-comfort design
  • Relieve neck pain & stiff shoulders
  • Perfectly adopts to own position
  • Professionally tested and long lasting

60-Day Money back guarantee

You're 100% covered — if it's not for you, send it back within 60 days for a quick and no-hassle refund.

Free international shipping

We value our customers a lot. Regardless of order size or value, all international shipping is 100% FREE.

100% Satisfaction

eyeSleep Air Pillow is an exceptional pillow with unqie support system. Join more than thousands of customers for a comfortable sleeping experience.

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Air Pillow

Pillow for pain-free night's sleep.

Are you tired of sleeping with pillows that just aren't right for you?

Regular pillows are often too soft or stuffy to retain their shape while you sleep.

With hundred thousands of Air Cushion Balls™ inside Air Pillow, it perfectly adapts to different alignments so that you can enjoy sleeping even if you swtich between positions.

Craddle your head comfortably and experience the pain-free difference with just a night of use!

Breakthrough comfort techonology.

Air Cushion Balls™ are the revolutionary techonology to maximize softness, cushioning and support. It features a unique cushioning comprised of TPU capsules, essentially allows Air Pillow to mould to any shapes and replenish energy support like no other pillows on the market.

Because of the hundreds thousands of welded-together white cushion balls that make up its structure, Air Pillow allows the personalized comfort and cushion support never goes flat or loses its shape even after years of use!

Switch out that old pillow for your own Air Pillow and experience the unreal comfortable sleeping.

93% improved sleeping quality. Tested support system.

We know how frustrating it is waking up with a neck stiffer than a board. The whole day is definitely ruined by the neck pain.

Air Pillow is professionally tested with hundreds of protoypes, hence it is made to keep your neck and spine in ideal alignment while you sleep.

The innovative support system mould to your own head and neck, providing you enough of support and comfort regarless of side, back or front sleeping position.

Experience instant & long-lasting benefits.

Traditional pillows are not supportive and the angle is too steep for your neck which leads to neck and shoulder pain in the long run.

That's why the Air Pillow is equipped with the perfect ergonomic design. Giving your neck the correct personalized angle, the tested combination of comfort and firmness with Air Cushion Balls™ brings you the instant comfort and pain relief.

The unique contoured design helps relieve the head pressure and improve the blood circulation. No more waking up with headache or neck pain!

What makes ours special

Find out why you should choose our Air Pillow instead of other ordinary pillows.

  • 60 Night FREE Trial

    Try the Air Pillow at home for 60 nights. If it is really not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Try it FREE, then decide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Liza T.
Best pillow for sure!

This air pillow was one of the best purchases I've made in awhile. I have a collection of crappy pillows that don't provide the necessary support for my neck, but this pillow solved all of that!

Venice B.
Quality shop and product

This pillow is unbeatable! First time buying from this brand, I previously got a pillow from another crap online store and the size was so small. This Air Pillow is honestly so comfy, definitely not disappointed!!!

Wallace B.
Amazingly comfortable pillow!

I ordered this pillow because I was waking up with stiff neck all the time. I came across this pillow online and because of the great reviews I decided to purchase it. I did not expect to wake up so refreshed! Super great pillow and super comfortable with the cushioning.

Joan H.
Dumped my old pillows

Very soft and comfortable. This is absolutely nicer than all of my old traditional pillows. Highly recommend to get one!

Cherry S.
Excellent Product

Certainly one of the best pillows you had at a pretty decent price. I am so happy with this product and I definitely would recommend it due to the comfiness.

Got questions? No problem.

What is the size of the Air Pillow?

Given the unique craddling and moudling system of our innovative Air Cushion Balls™, the Air Pillow will fit all perfectly. But for your reference the size is 480 x 300 x 130 mm.

Being an ergonomic design, Air Pillow has a normal side measure up to 13cm to ensure the unique support system protects your neck comfortably.

How do I know if the Air Pillow fits me?

Our contour design adapts to every individial's own head size and shape. Air Pillow is great for people seeking additional neck support with its ergonomic shape! Of course, you can try it risk free with our 60 days money back guarantee.

Is the Air Pillow suitable for side sleepers?

Yes absolutely! Air Pillow is perfect for anyone who sleeps on their sides, front or back. Top comfort no matter how you change the position while you sleep :)

Is the Air Pillow soft?

Unreal comfort experience is guaranteed! Our unique Air Cushion Balls™ ensure the pillow is soft to touch and yet with high class rebound system, giving you the necessary support!