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Music Sleep Mask

Music Sleep Mask

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If you're struggling to sleep and tired of disturbing noise  — our Music Sleep Mask can improve your sleeping quality.  Guaranteed.

  • Noise cancelling with supreme headphones
  • Blockout external lights for deep sleep
  • Listen to any music playlist as your sleep
  • Zero pressure design (No hurting ears!)
  • Cooling material for eyes soothing
  • Re-engineered long lasting batteries

60-Day Money back guarantee

You're 100% covered — if it's not for you, send it back within 60 days for a quick and no-hassle refund.

Free international shipping

We value our customers a lot. Regardless of order size or value, all international shipping is 100% FREE.

100% Satisfaction

eyeSleep Music Sleep Mask is an exceptional sleep mask with music playing headphones. Join more than thousands of customers for a relaxing sleeping experience.

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Block out distractions. Increase deep sleep phase.

Want to stop staying up late at night and fall asleep faster?

Music Sleep Mask is the perfect solution as the supreme built-in noise cancellation headphones allow you to listen to music and induce a state of deep relaxation. It also blocks out external light, increasing melatonin production in your body.

Music Sleep Mask can help calm the racing mind with your favourite white noise or sleep music. Using it 5 to 20 minutes before sleeping is proven to result in increased deep sleep phase.

Enjoy an uninterrupted sleep is no longer a dream with our sleeping mask.

Tested comfort. No more hurting ears.

Wearing traidtional earbuds hurts because they rest unevenly inside your ear canal. That will cause damages to your ears or even inflammation after repeated use, especially during sleep.

Music Sleep Mask is redesigned with the ultra flat wireless headphones, unlike generic headphones, they sit completely flat against your temple.

After rounds of testing and prototypes, we give you the most gentle and comfortable sleeping mask with headphones. Music Sleep Mask is perfect for side, stomach and back sleepers, guaranteed.

Music Sleep Mask helps sleep better and faster

Most effective therapy mask. Look well rested.

If your eyes get tired from intense use throughout the day, you must want something soothing right?

That's what makes our Music Sleep Mask different. The snag-free elastic material with exceptional cooling effect calms and relaxes you by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels around your eyes.

You can feel refreshed with the pressure-free and comfy cooling feeling, whilst the music is preparing you to sleep in just a few minutes. Unbeatable sleeping quality.

What makes ours special

Find out why you should choose our Music Sleep Mask instead of other sleeping masks.

  • 60 Night FREE Trial

    Try the Music Sleep Mask at home for 60 nights. If it is really not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Try it FREE, then decide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Vivian L.
A Life-changing product

This Music Sleep Mask has saved my life. I have been having sleep problem due to stress so I have serious under eye circles. Music is something which can make me fall asleep easier. Not only does this sleeping mask help me to fall asleep quicker, it also helps to block lights so I don’t have to worry being waken up by the light in the early morning. Definitely recommend this to other folks who share the same problem as me!

Iris L.
I love how comfortable it is

I was so glad to find this product, because for years I have struggled to find a comfortable pair of earbuds that fits well, especially in bed. So when I found the sleep mask, I was super excited and I have really enjoyed using it.

Jane N.
Definitely a must for insomniacs!

I have terrible insomnia so I’ve been listening to guided meditations or sleep podcasts at bedtime to fall asleep. I was using my airpods but they hurt for side sleeping and fell out easily due to tossing and turning. This music mask was the exact thing I needed, very comfortable and stays put all night.

Cherry P.
Absolute five stars from me

Overall this is my favorite sleeping headphone set. Battery life is great. Comfort is fine. It feels lightweight and doesn't heat up. Easily better experience than earbuds to be honest.

Mason E.
Great substitute for earbuds!

I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised with the music mask. It solves those issues with earbuds hurting the ears and falling out when sleeping, has good sound quality, and does a good job of noise cancellation.

Got questions? No problem.

Is Music Sleep Mask comfortable for side sleepers?

Music Sleep Mask is designed with side sleeprs in mind. Because most people don’t sleep flat on their back, the ultra flat padded headphones are tapered for extra comfort, so you won't have discomfort feeling or hurting ears during the night.

How long does the battery last?

Up to 10 hours of listening time with a single charge. Definitely enough for a relaxing sleep whole night!

Is Music Sleep Mask washable?

Yes, the built in headphones and main controller can be easily removed from the mask. Then just throw it in your washer and air dry the mask afterwards.

Can I use Music Sleep Mask for meditation or yoga?

Absolutely! We know how great the Music Sleep Mask is given it is so comfy and easy to use. Some customers use it for a calm and disturbance-free meditation. The Music Sleep Mask can be doubled as a headband for your yoga session, with high quality of music at the same time - infinite possibilites!