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Sweet Air Diffuser

Sweet Air Diffuser

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Need something for aromatherapy and moisturize your skin at the same time? Our Sweet Air Diffuser gives forth a pleasant scent around you and the surroundings and provides optimum enjoyment!

  • Ultrasonic atomization technology
  • Aromatherapy sleep aid
  • Long-lasting water mist
  • Delicate candle light design
  • Automatically shuts off safety
  • Extremely quiet & easy to clean

60-Day Money back guarantee

You're 100% covered — if it's not for you, send it back within 60 days for a quick and no-hassle refund.

Free international shipping

We value our customers a lot. Regardless of order size or value, all international shipping is 100% FREE.

100% Satisfaction

eyeSleep Sweet Air Diffuser is the perfect delicate diffuser with ultrasonic technology. Join more than thousands of customers for a comfortable sleeping experience.

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Ultrasonic diffuser unites aromatherapy with innovation.

Our Sweet Air Diffuser adopts the high-frequency ultrasonic atomization technology that breaks water and essential oil particles into fine and uniform mist, dispersing them into the air and releasing the oils’ relaxing scent.

Besides, the Sweet Air Diffuser is BPA-free and has a 120ml capacity water tank design that moisturizes your skin all day with the ultra-fine mist. With a spray volume of 10 to 15 ml per hour, you don’t have to worry about refilling water frequently.

Scented atmosphere and retro style lighting.

We all understand how stress or poor sleeping could affect you badly. So if you want to fall asleep faster and have stress-free night, the Sweet Air Diffuser is the solution for you. 

With two to three drops of essential oil in the Sweet Air Diffuser, you can create a scented and relaxing atmosphere. What’s more, it has a warm and retro LED candle light design that creates a serene ambiance inside your home. This stunningly simple piece of decor is the perfect complement to your home or office. Doubles it as a bedside lamp that accompanies you to read comfortably in bed or enjoy your movie in the living room.

Smart chip equals to worry-free.

Our Sweet Air Diffuser has a built-in smart chip that will be automatically powered off when water is below the safe level. Don’t worry about burning and you’ll be safe and sound all night.

Most importantly, our diffusion method doesn't utilize heat, which maintains essential oil integrity and holistic properties. No risk of burns, just pure natural benefits of your favorite essential oils.

What makes ours special

Find out why you should choose our Sweet Air Diffuser instead of other normal diffusers.

  • 60 Night FREE Trial

    Try the Sweet Air Diffuser at home for 60 nights. If it is really not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Try it FREE, then decide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amy P.
Perfect diffuser

Its size perfectly fits my work desk and it gives out a really nice ambiance. I only filled it with water in the morning and it could last for a full 8 hours. A perfect gift!

Madelin G.
Surely recommend this

I love the fact that it serves as both a humidifier and a diffuser! I was impressed by how quiet it operates and the auto shut down function.

Jennifer T.
Highly recommend this

I've been having sleeping issues so I wanted to try use lavender essence to sleep better. The sweet air diffuser has done a great job in spreading the mist in my room, serves the purpose definitely.

James H.
Gift for my wife!

Bought this for my wife and she uses it every day and night now. The design really looks great. We used to have actual candles which is not ideal. The Sweet Air Diffuser is definitely a great replacement.

Petra W.
Happy with the diffuser

I turn it on before bed and it will auto shut off when the water is used up. I have been using it for a month and my dry cough has improved a lot.

Got questions? No problem.

What is the size of the Sweet Air Diffuser?

Our Sweet Air Diffuser is very handy to carry. For your reference the size is 150 x 95 x 95 mm.

The water capacity is 120 ml and it can easily handle a space of 30 meters square without the need to refill water frequently.

What does the package of Sweet Air Diffuser include?

We care about user experience. Our Sweet Air Diffuser is very easy to use and it comes with a secured package, which includes the Sweet Air Diffuser (essential oils not included), 1 USB charging cable and user manual. 

We understand different people find different scents appealing. Therefore, for essential oils, we leave the choice to you for deciding the aroma that our Sweet Air Diffuser will create for you.

Do I have to buy cotton filters if I want to add essential oils in the diffuser?

No, you don’t have to. The Sweet Air Diffuser is very easy to use and you can just add the essential oils directly into the water and enjoy the aromatherapy. Our ultrasonic atomization technology will ensure you get the maximum relaxation.